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Building a Successful Cosmetic Medical Business

16 DVD Training Video

No cosmetic practice is successful without a knowledgeable, motivated staff that treats patients well. Our Practice Management Video Course can take your staff from good to great by giving them practical, proven information and real-world techniques that work.

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Cindy Graf Video Programs
The video programs feature Cindy Graf, the country's leading practice management expert. Included are procedure demonstrations, client role-playing, sales demostrations and proven marketing techniques to enhance staff learning and business success.

Here's what you'll learn

Ways to grow a cosmetic business Internal marketing strategies
How to manage your businessHow to market your practice
Selling cosmetic buyersHow to sell injectibles
Mastering the consultation processThe critical role of clinicians
Understanding the aging faceBasics of a skin care program
How to sell photofacial proceduresHow eliminate leg veins
Selling hair removal treatmentsHandling disgruntled clients
How to stage successful seminars

10 Steps To Grow Your Cosmetic Medical Business - What You Need to Know

This program identifies the 10 things successful cosmetic medical practices do to be successful including commitment to succeed, owner involvement, recognizing it's a business, having a business manager, having the right clinician, how to market internally and externally, etc.

How To Maximize Profits - Having a Business Manager Is Crucial

This program discusses why it's critical for a practice to have a business manager and identifies several key business manager responsibilities.

Hiring The Right Clinician – Build Profitable Relationships With Clients

The clinician is the person who builds trust and rapport with clients and is the reason they purchase one or more treatments. This program identifies the 5 key qualities and skills to look for when hiring a clinician.

Understanding The Aging Face – When To Use What On Whom

This program examines the signs of facial aging, what clients want regarding their skin, the two kinds of wrinkles and identifies ways to rejuvenate the skin.

Selling Cosmetic Buyers – They'll Tell You What They Want If You'll Listen

This program discusses the sales aspect of the business, identifies the different types of buyers, their personality types, how to listen, how to sell medical treatments, the sales cycle, how we get and qualify leads and how we make consultation appointments

Mastering the Consultation Process – Establish Trust and You'll Close the Sale

In this program Cindy reviews the 11-step consultation process in detail including how to greet a client, reviewing the client's medical history, identifying the client's interests/concerns, how to close, etc.

Guide To Selling Photofacials – The Biggest Profit Maker In The Business

This program reviews why the photofacial is the most popular and impressive non-surgical medical treatment available to clients interested in improving their skin. What it is, what it does, how to sell them and finally how to administer them safely are covered in detail.

Selling Hair Removal Procedures – Opportunities For Multiple Sales

Hair removal is an extremely popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment. This program tells us how hair grows, how the pulsed-light system works, who is and who isn't a good candidate, treatment techniques, pre and post-treatment instructions and how to sell them.

Internal Marketing – You Don't Have To Spend Big Bucks To Make Big Profits

In this program, Cindy identifies several low cost, effective marketing tools and techniques that a practice can use to identify potential clients. An educated and motivated staff is critical to the long-term success of the business.

Marketing Your Cosmetic Practice – Creating An Effective Advertising Strategy

Having an effective external advertising program is essential for your success. The key factor is being able to identify a number of unique selling advantages and promote them in their advertising.

Sell Injectables And Explode Your Business – Identifying Long Term Clients

In this program, Cindy discusses the two types of injectables, where they work why clients like them, why they're important to a practice and how to sell them.

Treating And Eliminating Leg Veins – Seeing Is Believing

This program reviews the causes of abnormal leg veins, the different types, how they're treated, who gets them, how to sell them and how to administer them.

Physician-Directed Skin Care Program – The Surprising Hidden Profit Maker

In this program, Cindy details the 5 elements that every good skin care program should include, explains why it's critical for a practice to have a physician-directed skin care program, how to market skin care products and how they can increase bottom-line profits.

Staging Successful Seminars – The More Educated They Are The More They Buy

Educational seminars are an inexpensive and powerful internal marketing program. In this program, Cindy tells us what they are, their purpose, why they work, why clients like them, how to market them and how to implement them.

Handling Disgruntled Patients – Follow This Formula And Eliminate Lawsuits

The key to solving problems with disgruntled clients lies in knowing and following the 12 step-by-step procedures detailed in this video. Also covered are the 3 rules to prevent a malpractice lawsuit.

Existing Clients Are Your Biggest Asset – Constant Communication is The Key

This video reviews the 3 ways to grow a practice, discusses why we should divert some advertising dollars into reselling, up-selling and cross-selling existing clients. The key is to communicate with them frequently. Cindy also tells u about the real worth or value of a client – the aggregate profit of a client over the lifetime of her patronage.

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