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Fast Track Marketing Package $5,000

This is my most popular consulting package designed for the practice that is integrating cosmetic medicine into another medical practice. This consulting package offers the creation of a Menu of Services that fits with your specialty, a one year Cosmetic Marketing Plan with print ready marketing tools, forms and systems to flow these new procedures through your practice and an on site staff training day to test the systems.

Package Includes

Two Hour Staff Training

Focused on understanding cosmetic buyers and procedures that the practice is selling. After the Power Point slide show we introduce a role playing game to have the staff practice selling the services that they have just learned about in the presentation.

Marketing Plan for Cosmetic Services

Upon a phone consultation with the doctor or spa manager, we will define goals of income and marketing budget and based upon the market area will plan out a quarterly marketing plan and budget with the media and resources available. Together we will outline monthly promotions and put in place the help to create them.

Retraining your existing staff in cosmetic services

Includes: New job descriptions, pay scales, evaluation of existing staff and materials to teach them how to sell cosmetic services.

Forms, Pricing an Promotions

These forms are included: customized informed consent, medical history form, charting forms, insurance numbers. I will call around your market and design pricing and promotions that will be competitive and stimulate business.

*3 months for telephone and internet follow-up

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