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10 Keys to Building a Successful Cosmetic Medical Business
As I have the opportunity as a practice management consultant to work with many physicians, healthcare systems, medical spas across the country over the last few years, I have observed that there are 10 keys to financial success in the cosmetic medical business. Learn to master these 10 parts of your business and you will be financially successful...

Buy Services that You Don't Know
Cosmetic Medicine, yes, where does one begin? This is one of the most common questions I am asked as a Practice Management Consultant. Where does one begin? Do you start by integrating cosmetic services into your current medical practice or do you start from scratch in a free standing independent business, a medical spa? The answer to this question depends on the focus of your business now and, quite honestly, the depth of your war chest...

At the Holidays...Sell the gift of well being...
The holidays are a great time to promote a combination of products and services in the medical spa business. We all want to look our best for holiday parties and family gatherings. What woman doesn’t like to “put on the glitz” at the holidays. We can help her by offering non surgical treatments, gift ideas and gift certificates to ease her shopping woes. Who really needs another sweater?

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